We come with nothing, we

go with nothing, but one
great thing we can achieve
in our beautiful life is… a
little remembrance in
someone’s mind and a
small place in someone’s

Some people go

through hard times,
so bad that they
can’t talk about
it, but no matter
what, we should
never give up.

Give yourself

6 months. If you are serious
about changing your life, do
something consistently for 6
months. I guarantee you see
results. If you give up, you
don’t want it bad enough.

Some people just make

you feel better when
you’re around them.
They are sunshine
to your soul and
medicine for your mind.

Don’t worry about those,

who talk behind your back.
they’re behind you for a

Some stranger

Somewhere still
remembers you
Because you were
Kind to them when
No one else was.

The reason why

people give up so
fast is because
they tend to look
at how far they
still have to go.
Instead of how far
they have gotten.

No matter how badly

someone treats you
never drop down to
their level.
Remain calm
Stay strong
And walk away.


to anything your children
want to tell you.
to the small stuff now, they
won’t tell you the big stuff

A positive attitude

brings much gratitude!
Think positive,
Be positive, Speak
positive and stay
positive, Do it every
day and do it Big.

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